JS Auto-Lift Gas Fryer

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Product Description

JS Auto-Lift Gas Fryer
Ratio Control System for Taste, Time, Efficiency..!




  • W: 17.7inch
  • D: 30.3inch
  • H: 42.3inch
  • Capacity: 23liter



  • W: 23inch
  • D: 30.3inch
  • H: 42.3inch
  • Capacity: 33liter


Don’t worry to be burnt or to be caught by. Fully functional Gas Fryer with automatic lift up-down basket is convenient and set you free from kept in checking cooking time.

Auto Lift Up/Down
Press the button to lift up or down the fryer basket at anytime you want.

Temp/Timer Control
Cooking timer and temp setting available,
automatically lift up & down when finishing & beginning cooking.

Program Memory
The machine remember the program set & can repeat without set the program again.

[THE BEST] The best oil temperature for good crispiness by Excellent Heat Efficiency & Fast Oil temperature Recovery.

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