JS Kwali Burner Range

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Product Description

JS Kwali Burner Range (with Blower!)
Using Tornado Burner more powerful and stable Flame..!



KSP-701 (One Burner)

  • W: 750mm
  • D: 900mm
  • H: 750mm
  • Weight: 85kgs


KSP-1503 (Two Burners)

  • W: 1500mm
  • D: 900mm
  • H: 750mm
  • Weight: 138kgs

Automatic Air Regulator, Ratio [1 Gas : 1 Air] System
Using Tornado Burner more powerful and stable Flame

The best news for your chef..!
Save your Gas Consumption up to 70%


A. 1 by 1 [1 Gas : 1 Air] Ratio System.
Now you will find the most effective, efficient, and comfortable cooking partner ever..!
Ratio [1 Gas : 1 Air] Perfect Mixing System can save your gas consumption up to 70%.
Gas output is completely well burned, NO waste gas spread.
Powerful tornado burner system serves you a better tasty and well evenly cooked cooking.
Your flame level can be adjustable as lowest as you need,
NEITHER similar product can do it.


B. Equipped by Safety Device (Flame Rod Basis).
When the power is interrupted or leaking gas by any reasons, the safety device will be automatically running to shut out the gas.


C. Removeable Drain Basket.
A filter in a sink drain. Traps debris but passes water.


D. Compact and Portable.
Our Kwali Gas Range is designed to build the most comfortable cooking atmosphere. The weight is lighter than other similar product (moveable), easy assembled and will fit to any kind of kitchen.